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Free Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Box Drive-Through Giveaway

Willamina Elementary School will be hosting a free drive-through in the WES bus loop on Friday, October 16th from 5-7pm for families to pick up fresh fruit and vegetable boxes. To receive the boxes, your elementary student must be present in the car with you. Please see the attached flyer below.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Box Flyer

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Principal: Sarah Norwood


Vice Principal: Brent Murell


1100 Oaken Hills Drive

Willamina, OR 97396

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Fax: (503) 876-4321

Report Attendance 24x7

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School Hours 8:05 am - 3:04 pm, Wed 9:05 am - 3:05 pm

Office Hours 7:30 am - 4 pm

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Clipped Box Tops

Box Tops for Education

Willamina Elementary collects Box Tops for Education throughout the year. Please send these to the office or to your child’s teacher. Box Tops are a major source of funding for field trips and we appreciate your contribution.

The Willamina Elementary School Parent and Student Handbook is your guide to staff, school schedules, policies, support, and other important information to assist you and your child during the school year. Please contact the WES office for any questions about the handbook or anything not covered within.

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Willamina Elementary PTSO

The Willamina Elementary PTSO is an organization that involves parents, teachers, and students to plan events and fundraisers that benefit Willamina Elementary School.