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Willamina School District is aware of the different ways in which people interact with this website and is striving to make it better for all to navigate and understand.  To that end we have developed a website accessibility plan to address these needs.  This plan will be reviewed and updated as improvements are made and areas of change are identified.

Current Goals 

We are currently working on Document Accessibility.  All documents and attachments will be going through an evaluation process and made accessible before adding to this website.  Documents that are not fully accessible have not been added yet, these documents may be accessed through our archived site:  Some documents that are attached here are partially accessible as they are currently in the process of being changed.  The estimated completion for when all documents will have been converted and added to this site is by August 2018. 

If you are currently having an accessibility issue please contact us so that we can address your needs specifically. 

Report an Issue 

If you wish to report an issue related to the accessibility of any content on the Willamina School District website please:

Accessibility Plan

The Website Administrator is responsible for the accessibility of the website and attached documents.  Accessibility will be addressed with each change to the website.  A thorough review will be completed quarterly to ensure compatibility with current procedures.  Yearly reporting and training will be conducted to keep the administration and staff updated on the current status and procedures.