2022 WHS Graduation Parade Route

Parade Route:

  1. Oaken Hills to 4th Place

  2. 4th Street to F Street

  3. F Street to (left) 5th Street

  4. 5th Street to E Street

  5. E Street to (right) 3rd Street

  6. 3rd Street to (right) D Street

  7. D Street to 4th Street

  8. 4th Street to (right) Churchman Street

  9. Churchman Street to 5th Street

  10. 5th Street to (left) Willamina Drive

  11. Willamina Drive to (right) B Street

  12. B Street to (right) 1st Street

  13. 1st Street to West side of parking lot (you may go across parking lot in front of the Western Yamhill Medical Center and Coyote Joe's Restaurant only)

  14. Cross the bridge to (right) Lamson Street

  15. Lamson to Maple Street

  16. Maple to (right) Barber Avenue

  17. Barber Avenue to (left) Fir Street

  18. Fir Street to (right) Pioneer Drive

  19. Pioneer Drive to Ponderosa Drive

  20. Ponderosa Drive to Conestoga Street

  21. Conestoga Street to (left) Pioneer (wait on Conestoga for all of other cars coming up Pioneer to go by)

  22. Pioneer to (left) Cherry Street

  23. Cherry Street to James Street

  24. James Street across to Adams

  25. Adams to (left) Washington Street