Distance Learning for All

District Responsibility

The staff at Willamina School District is working hard towards "Distance Learning for All" that is in line with current guidance from the Oregon Department of Education

The first focus of this effort is to check in on the student's well being.  Staff will be contacting guardians, parents and students to see how their needs are being met and what is needed from the district.  You can help by making sure your contact information is updated through the Home Access Center.

The second focus is to provide supplemental materials through mailings and online resources.  Supplemental material is intended to keep your student's skills active during this period of adjustment.  Currently all schools are preparing workbooks and material to send home.

Please recognize that this is an unprecedented time and that things are constantly changing.  We will do our best to communicate and ask for your understanding during this evolving process.  When the procedures and the completed "Distance Learning for All" program is in place we will communicate the full details with you.

School Newsletters

Middle And High School

Elementary School

Make a Daily Plan

Your students are going to be doing their school work at home.  Make a plan for how their day will go and what will be expected and when you will do it.  During the time you have set for School have your student try out a link provided below, on a project shared on social media or and idea from friends.  When you receive the supplemental material from your school could also use that material.  As the District provides additional direction and material for "Distance Learning for All" you will be ready with a habit of doing school at home.

Get started with Common Sense Resources for Families.

Supplemental Resources by Grade

Updated 4/10/2020 7:00 p.m.