District Re-opening Survey

Re-opening Plan, Timeline and Parent Survey:

The Willamina School District Leadership Team met Monday night and agreed on a general timeline for development:

- We began our deliberations Monday, June 22nd and invited several representative teachers, union representatives, department directors and administration to be part of the discussion to talk about Learning Models.

- A Parent/Family survey will be sent out via Remind, Facebook and the District website asking for feedback on thoughts, concerns and needs to help drive information on putting a plan together.

- We hope to have a rough plan put together by July 15th, to be shared among WSD staff only at that time.

- The week of July 20th, we will ask staff members to provide feedback and begin to look at the logistics of how reopening will look like.

- The school board will receive the final plan at the August school board meeting. It will then be shared and made public/official. Board approved plans will be submitted to the Oregon Department of Education no later than August 15th.

- Staff training to implement the plan will begin August 17th.

It is clear that this fall we will all be operating in an unfamiliar environment that will require us to be flexible. But despite that, I am confident that our staff will rise to the occasion and continue to serve our students well in these new conditions.

In an effort to gain as much feedback as to what works and what does not for families, please fill out the re-opening survey below. Our goal is to have students in school as much as possible, while maintaining a safe and healthy environment! Survey data will be collected July 1, 2020 so that we can continue planning for the 2020-21 school year.

Posted 6/25/20