The Worstest Play Ever Wrote

April 26, 27th & 28th.

What do a pair of knights, three teenagers, space aliens, some chorus members and a blind prophet have in common? We’re not sure either! Some eccentric writer threw this thing together with some Stage Directions, a few Flashbacks, and a trapper or two. We’re not sure who would be crazy enough to direct a play this awful. The props are terrible and the scenery is a mess. Are you still reading this?? Well, if this warning hasn’t deterred you then we hope you enjoy this production of Jason Pizarello’s The Worstest Play Ever Wrote.


  • $5 Adults
  • $3 Seniors and students
  • Free admission children under 10.

The play will premiere tonight at 6PM, Friday at 7PM and Saturday Matinee at 3PM.