How To Use the

eSchoolPLUS Family App

Select Your School District

The first time you open the eSchoolPLUS Family app. you'll need to select the district. You can search for the district by name and state or by location.

To search by district name:

  1. Tap District Name/State.
  2. Enter the district's name in District Name
  3. Select the school district's state.
  4. Tap Search.

To search for districts near a zip code:

  1. Tap Enter Your Zip Code.
  2. Enter the zip code.
  3. Tap Search

Then, tap the district's name to open the Login screen.

Log into eSchoolPLUS Family App

The user name and password for Home Access Center and the eSchoolPLUS Family app are the same. If you don not have a user name and password, contact the school district.

  1. Enter your Home Access Center user name.
  2. Enter your password.

Navigate the eSchoolPLUS Family App

  1. Tap application menu.
  2. Tap the option to display. The list of options that follows includes all options that can be displayed on the menu, and may include options that you do not have on your menu.

Select Student

If you have access to multiple students, you can quickly switch the student in view.

1. Tap student's name to display a list of your other students.

2. Tap student you want to display. The student's Home screen displays.

View Attendance

  1. Tap Attendance.
  2. To move back or forward a month, use the arrow buttons above the calendar.
  3. Tap a date to see attendance detail.
  4. Tap X to close the day's attendance.

View Classwork

  1. Tap Classwork.
  2. Tap class to view
  3. To move back or forward a week, use the arrow buttons above the of assignments.
  4. Tap an assignment to view additional information.
  5. To add it to your device's calendar, tap Add to Personal Calendar.
  6. Tap X to close the assignment.
  7. To select another class, tap device's Back button.

View Event and Assignment Calendar

  1. Tap Calendar
  2. To move back or forward a month, use the arrow buttons above the calendar.
  3. Tap date to display the list of events or assignments below the calendar.
  4. Tap an event or assignment to display more details.
  5. To add it to your device's calendar, tap Add to Personal Calendar.
  6. Tap X to close the event or assignment

View List of Upcoming Events and Assignments

  1. Tap Calendar.
  2. Tap List
  3. Tap Today

View Student Alert Notifications

Student alerts for attendance, discipline, classwork, progress report, report cart, and immunization information display as notifications within the app. Your subscriptions determine which alerts you will get for the student.

The notifications option include a badge to show the number of unread notifications.

  1. From menu, tap Notifications on the notifications screen, unread notifications display in bold text.
  2. Tap a notification to view it.
  3. Then:
      • To close the notification, tap Back. The notification is marked as read.
      • To delete the notification, tap Delete. Tap Delete on the Do you really want to delete this notification? pop-up.

Change Alert Subscriptions

Alert Subscriptions can be changed from the preferences screen of the app. Use the receive Notification field to select subscription options for an alert. For Attendance and Discipline alerts, you can limit the alert so you are only notified for specific types.

  1. Tap menu on right.
  2. Tap Preferences.
  3. For an alert, select the options for your subscription. In the Receive Notification field, select None (to not subscribe to alert), Push (to receive a push notification), Both (to receive a push notification and an email) or Email (to receive only an email).
  4. Tap Done, then Save as needed. Changes are saved immediately on Android services, Save is for iOS.

Open Additional District Resources

  1. Tap Resources
  2. Select Link to open in a web browser.

Retrieve a forgotten Password

Use Home Access Center if you have forgotten your password. Home Access Center allows you to reset your password after answering challenge questions.