WSD Bond 2024

Election Day is Tuesday, May 21st

About the Bond:

The Willamina School District's proposed $5,000,000 bond would provide funds to construct five new classrooms, reconfigure traffic flow for pedestrians and vehicles, update existing facilities, improve campus safety, and add an expanded outdoor covered recreation space for all students.


How does our proposed rate compare with neighboring districts' bond cost per $1,000

Bond Projects:

New Classrooms: 

Five new classrooms to accommodate the future growth of our student body and also move classes that are currently in the stand-alone modulars into the main building. These classrooms would be an in-fill project and be located in the courtyard behind the high school office. 

Enhanced Programs: 

New classrooms will allow us to expand course offerings, including Culinary Arts and World Languages. 

Improved Safety: 

Address traffic flow and congestion issues, upgrade security systems, and improve exterior walkways, parking, and lighting. Expand covered play space for elementary students.

Bond FAQs

What is the purpose of the bond?

The Bond aims to improve student safety, address traffic flow issues, create modern learning spaces, and upgrade aging facilities. These projects will allow for a more pleasant experience for both students and parents during drop off and pick up times, adding more programs for students to partake in (World Languages, Culinary Arts), and improving the learning environment for students. 

Why is the district going for a bond now?

The state of Oregon has a program called the Oregon School Capital Improvement Matching (OSCIM). We have been approved for this program and if the bond is passed they will match the $2,500,000 that we are asking from the community. If the bond does not pass we will not get any money from the state. The process to get approved takes multiple steps and is a lengthy process. OSCIM is also not guaranteed to continue into the future so we wanted to take advantage of the program while we could. 

How much money will the school get from the bond?

If the bond is passed the school district will receive $5,000,000 total. $2,500,000 will come from the matching state grant and $2,500,000 will come from community funding. 

How much will the bond cost taxpayers?

The proposed bond amount is $0.49 per $1,000 assessed property value. This is cheaper than the current rate that you’re paying from the previous bond which was $0.64 per $1,000. Please note that the taxes paid are only for the $2,500,000 in the bond, you won’t pay taxes on the $2,500,000 that we would get matched from the state. 

How will the money be spent?

Money from bonds can only be used for things that are in the bond proposal. There will also be a citizen oversight committee that will ensure that the proceeds are used for the purposes indicated along with regular audits. 

How can I vote?

Ballot drop boxes will open on Wednesday, May 1st. Election Day is Tuesday, May 21st. You must be a registered voter living in the Willamina city limits. If you are not registered to vote or have moved recently and have not updated your address we suggest that you visit or reach out to your county clerk’s office. The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday, April 30th. 

Who can I talk to if I have additional questions about the bond?

You can reach out by email to our Superintendent Carrie Zimbrick at 

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Bond FAQs