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Oregon Student Information Protection Act

posted May 16, 2016, 8:51 AM by Web Admin

This is to inform you of Oregon SB 187, the Oregon Student Information Protection Act, which goes into effect July 1, 2016


OSIPA was designed to prohibit companies from storing K-12 student data so that students do not unintentionally disclose sensitive personal information while using educational technology in the classroom.  It would end targeted advertising based on information obtained or inferred from the student's online behavior.

What does this mean?

Starting July 1st, operators of Internet website, online service, online application or mobile application with actual knowledge that their site, service or application is used primarily for kindergarten through grade 12 schools; and was designed and marketed for kindergarten through grade 12 schools, will have to indicate in their privacy policy that they are complying with Oregon SB 187.  If this is not the case, usage of such service or application will be terminated until changes to their privacy policy is made.

Here is a news article on this:  <>

iPad Turn-In

posted May 9, 2016, 7:20 AM by Web Admin

Staff Technology Overview 2015

posted Sep 2, 2015, 12:48 PM by Web Admin

iPad App List

posted Aug 18, 2014, 1:49 PM by Web Admin   [ updated Sep 2, 2015, 12:46 PM ]

List of all apps installed on WHS/MS ipads.  Click on pic for itunes link
Android App List here and are only suggestions as some are substitutions. 
3d Brain 
Adobe Reader 
AP US History AP World Archiving Early America Audiobooks Creator for iPad Chrome Web Browser Constitution for iPad Declaration for iPad
Destiny Quest Dragon Dictation
Edmodo Educreations Encyclopedia Britannica First Peoples NA Follett BryteWave K12
Explain Everything Secure Test 
Psychology Latest Free Books Free Graphing Calculator Google Drive Google Earth Google Search 
History Today
 Google Docs
 Google Sheets
 Google Slides
 HudsonAlpha iCell
 iMovie iBooks iTunes U K12 Periodic Table Khan Academy LyricFind Lite Math Quizzer My World Atlas 
NASA App Nearpod NPR
 Paper by FiftyThree
 Pearson eText for Schools InkFlow PicShop Lite Poetry Psychology - 1 RWT Timeline S in Bits ScanLife Shakespeare Socrative Student
 Visual Poet Golden Triangle  (web link) Timer+ USA Test Prep
(web link) Worldbook This Day in
The Pocket time Machine

Own Your School iPad

posted Aug 12, 2014, 10:57 AM by Web Admin   [ updated Aug 12, 2014, 10:57 AM ]

This year we are beginning an optional fee plan to make yearly payments so you can own the iPad that you use at school.  What you pay each year is determined by what grade you start paying the fee.

Grade Yearly Fee
 7th $40
 8th $48
 9th $60
 10th $80
 11th $120
 12th $240

This will be listed as "Technology Fees" when you pay your school fees for the year.  See the office for more information.

Staff Technology Overview

posted Aug 19, 2013, 10:56 PM by Richard Booker   [ updated Aug 19, 2013, 10:56 PM by Web Admin ]

Student Google Accounts

posted Aug 19, 2013, 10:36 PM by Richard Booker   [ updated Aug 19, 2013, 10:56 PM by Web Admin ]

Students who have turned in their completed Technology Use Agreement forms are issued a username and password.  The full username including the '' can be entered into  If there are any problems with the username please notify me ASAP so that the username and/or email address can be corrected. If the password is forgotten elementary students can see Shannon Mode or Mary Kyllonen all others will need to submit an emailed request through a teacher including your username and grade or visit me directly.

Updates to Google Drive

posted Sep 10, 2012, 4:04 PM by Richard Booker   [ updated Sep 10, 2012, 4:04 PM by Web Admin ]

How to Activate Google Drive

posted Aug 20, 2012, 3:54 PM by Web Admin   [ updated Aug 20, 2012, 4:28 PM ]

Accessing Willamina Wireless Network

posted Apr 10, 2012, 3:02 PM by Richard Booker   [ updated Jan 26, 2014, 8:10 PM by Web Admin ]

Willamina School District has implemented a wireless network that is available to all students and staff.  Contact Mr. Booker for an access code for your personal device.

User Access Policy.
Willamina School District offers access to the Internet, including wireless access. The Internet is offered as an essential information source for students and staff; however, Willamina School District makes no representation or guarantee that any part of the Internet service, including the wireless service, will be uninterrupted, error-free, virus free, timely or secure; nor that any Internet content is accurate, current reliable or safe in any manner for download or any other purpose.  The District has the right to monitor and place restrictions on the material you access or post through the system.

Filtering and Monitoring

Filtering software is used to block or filter access to visual depictions that are obscene and all child pornography in accordance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Other objectionable material could be filtered. The determination of what constitutes "other objectionable" material is a local decision.  Filtering software is not 100% effective. While filters make it more difficult for objectionable material to be received or accessed, filters are not a solution in themselves. Every user must take responsibility for his or her use of the network and Internet and avoid objectionable sites; any attempts to defeat or bypass the District's Internet filter or conceal Internet activity are prohibited: proxies, https, special ports, modifications to district browser settings and any other techniques designed to evade.  By accepting this policy you are acknowledging that you will conduct your use of this service according to the Willamina School District's technology use policy.

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