MLA Format Guides

Go to the following link to see examples of how the different parts of the research paper should look. Pattern your work on these examples.

About half way down the page you will see the words “Enter Gallery”. Click on those words to select the part of the report you are working on.

Here is a great link to help with citations:

MLA formatting guides from
Look at the right hand side of this page for additional help with bibliography and paper.

This link gives examples of MLA formatting for the entire paper.

Note Cards

Here are a few sources that have directions and examples of note cards. There are also tips about research and links to more information about note taking and the writing process.

How To Use Meta-search Engines

A meta-search engine accesses several search engines simultaneously. Using a meta- search engine allows you to speed up the search process.The following site has a good tutorial on how to search for information.

Here is another site that will help you use a meta-search engine.

Meta-Search Engines

Search Engines

Here are links to several popular search engine sites. These sites would be good starting places in your search for information. Try a few different sites and see if you get different results. You may have to refine your search by altering the search terms you enter in the search expression bar at the top of the screen.