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WES K-6 Recess Rules and Expectations

posted Dec 11, 2014, 11:21 AM by Web Admin   [ updated Dec 11, 2014, 11:22 AM ]

December 9, 2014

Dear WES families,

We are experiencing many growing pains this school year, our campus is growing as well as our enrollment!  While we are adding 5 new classrooms we’ve managed to relocate students into every available space, including our gym. With the loss of our gym space and the increased enrollment we’ve seen the need to revisit many of our school routines. Recess and lunch have presented the biggest dilemma, simply too many students in spaces never meant to accommodate so many.

Our staff has been brainstorming solutions; some will be long-range wishes like the addition of another covered area and playground upgrades. Others will be immediate; re-teaching students expectations and rules, repainting game lines, upgrading equipment, and adjusting the lunch/recess schedule to reduce the number of kids using the playground and cafeteria at one time.

As we revisit our rules we will be emphasizing RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, SAFETY, and KINDNESS. Recess and lunch are perfect opportunities for students to practice and gain social skills; good manners, sportsmanship, cooperation, and conflict resolution. After re-teaching the rules and expectations we will be hosting a “Rules Rodeo” where students will model expected behavior at school. Our Parent/Teacher group (PTSO) will also be involved in the planning and development of our playground improvements. If you would like to get involved please stop by the office and we will give you more information about the organization.

Creating a safe playground is our goal, one where students can have fun, be active, and gain skills. Your help in supporting our behavior expectations is crucial. We know that a family is a student’s most important teacher and we appreciate your efforts in holding high expectations for your child as well.

Thank you all,

Mrs. Zimbrick

Recess Rules and Expectations

The WES staff commits to:

Be Active; constantly moving in the supervision zone and scanning with our eyes and ears for potential problems.

Be Positive; be friendly, connect with individuals, and reinforce appropriate behaviors.

Be Responsive; redirect behavior discreetly, restate expected behavior, focus on the present and refrain from arguing.

Defined Playground Zones;

Covered Area and blacktop; organized games, basketball, 4-square, hopscotch, jump rope, tetherball, and soccer. Standard rules for each game will be posted.

Pea Gravel; monkey bars, swings, slides, glider, small play structure, horizontal bars, and climbing bars. Proper use will be taught on each piece of equipment.

Big Slide; out of service until deemed safe and needed repairs are made.

Kickball Field; weather permitting

Grassy Field; soccer, tag, weather permitting

Supervision and Signals

Long whistle/hand circle; come in

2 short whistles; stop behavior for specific individual or area

Air Horn; Emergency only, everyone stops, remains silent and waits for direction


1st incident; warning

2nd incident; go to another area to play

3rd incident; 5 minutes on the bench

4th incident; 10 minutes on the bench

5th incident; loss of remaining recess

Conflict Resolution

Walk and Talk

Rock, Paper, Scissors