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Lead Testing

posted Oct 10, 2016, 2:52 PM by Web Admin   [ updated Nov 14, 2016, 3:22 PM ]

Our school system is committed to protecting students, teachers and staff health.  To protect our community, Willamina School district has tested our school's drinking water for lead.

Why Test School Drinking Water for Lead?

High levels of lead in drinking water can cause health problems.  Lead is most dangerous for pregnant women, infants and children under 6 years old.  Exposure to high levels of lead during pregnancy contributes to low birth weight and developmental delays in infants.  In young children lead exposure can lower IQ levels, affect hearing, reduce attention span, and hurt school performance.  At very high levels, lead can even cause brain damage.

To protect public health, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests that schools and day care facilities test their drinking water for lead.  If lead is found at any water outlet at levels above 20 parts per billion (ppb), the EPA recommends taking action to reduce the lead.

Is Our School's Drinking Water Safe?

Yes, our school's water is safe.  Willamina School District tested our drinking water for lead.  Of the 138 water samples we tested, only 4 showed lead levels above the 20 ppb mark.  Three of these are not used at all; the high school science lab, the science storage, and the athletic director's office sink.  When we found high lead levels at the elementary staff room we made sure no one used that outlet until we had fixed the lead problem.  We have changed out all 4 faucets that were above the recommended levels and even 10 more that were marginal or getting close to recommended levels.

We are scheduled for re-testing on all faucets that were changed on October 14, 2016 while school is out to get an accurate test result. **Updated with results attached below**

How Can I learn More?

We have attached the lead test results for each location tested at Willamina School District.  If you have further questions please call the Administration Office at 503-876-1500.

For basic information about lead in drinking water visit the EPA's information page.

Sincerly Carrie Zimbrick, Superintendent of Schools

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